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About Us

We passionately believe that returnable packaging helps!

IPSCOM Returnable Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian entity and commenced operations in June 2020. Our main goal is to make supply chains more efficient by deploying Returnable Packaging solutions to -

  • Lower use of disposable / single use packaging to help keep the  environment clean & lower our Carbon Footprint

  • Help streamline processes by giving a lever to manage variability

  • Help reduce in-transit damages and contribute to quality goals

  • Reduce handling of parts when sent to a manufacturing line directly

IPSCOM Returnable Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of IPSCOM Private Limited, Singapore. IPSCOM Singapore was established in 1968 and over the years the company has diversified into – Supply Chain Solutions, Returnable Packaging, Turnkey Software / Hardware, Print Packaging, Online and Offline Retail. IPSCOM Singapore has since expanded into Malaysia, China, India and Vietnam with multiple facilities across these countries in the Asia Pacific region

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