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Our Sevice Offerings

At IPSCOM, client engagement is easier, faster and more efficient.

A high performing and well trained operations team ensures we understand customer requirements and deliver on them consistently.

IPSCOM is your trusted partner for returnable or reusable packaging solutions !

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Feasibility analysis

We start with a quick study of the parts, how long will the packaging be in use, locations to deliver and pick up the packaging, volume of goods to be moved.
Based on this data  project feasibility is determined.

in House Designing

As material agnostic solution providers – we focus on customizing packaging solutions to meet customer needs.

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Once client concurs with the ballpark pricing model, we move to finalize the detailed design. And then on to sampling incorporating feedback with cross functional teams both at Tier1 and OEM.


Post sample approval, the agreement is finalized, vendor code created and PO for Pilot lot released. To facilitate pilot lot approvals, full truck load shipments with data loggers complete the actual trip.

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Standard packaging assets are pulled from a common pool. Customized assets are sourced from best in class vendors across India. Strong sourcing capability helps deploy packaging assets rapidly. Once the assets are deployed the flow is operational.

Serialized Tracking

Web based tracking system with bar /QR coded assets gives us the ability to track the location and utilization of all our returnable packaging assets. This gives the operations team full control over all processes to control smooth flow of returnable packaging assets when / where required.


Concept of Cycle Time

Cycle Time is calculated as the total time in days it takes the Returnable Packaging to complete one round trip.

Initiated with the issue of the Returnable Packaging from IPSCOM Hub to Part vendor

A is number of days at part vendor waiting for part to be packed

B is the transit time from Part vendor to OEM called the Forward Leg.

C is the days at OEM site before the part is consumed and the packaging is free.

D is the transit time from OEM to IPSCOM hub and back to Part vendor for next trip, also called the Return Leg.

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