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Case Studies

As material agnostic solution providers – where necessary we design customized packaging solutions to solve our customers pain points.

We start with a quick study of the parts, how long will the packaging be in use, locations to deliver and pick up the packaging, volume of goods to be moved. Based on this data and the packaging design, the project feasibility is determined.

We attempt to calculate the savings to our customers over the lifetime of the project as the difference between current packaging spend and revised spend based on the IPSCOM proposed solution.

The savings are calculated in the following areas -

  • % Savings in total packaging spend

  • % Savings in total freight spend – includes return freight as applicable

  • % Total savings on packaging & freight

  • Actual reduction in metric tonnes (% reduction in carbon foot print) Based on the Carnegie Mellon Green Design Institute model.

  • Carbon sequestered by acres of U.S. forests per year based on above carbon foot print reduction as per United States Environmental Protection Agency

Steering Sub-assemblies / Drive Shafts

Customer - Passenger Vehicle OEM

  • Parts transported over 200-1400 kms.

  • Replaced wooden and corrugated packaging to reduce cost / waste.

  • Improved truck utilization to reduce freight costs.

  • Minimised part handling before sub assemblies are fitted into cars


  • Packaging & Freight - 58.7%

  • Carbon Footprint - 39.0%

Pallet for Assembled Tractor Engine

Customer - Tractor OEM

  • Engines transported over 400 kms.

  • Replaced wooden boxes to lower carbon footprint, and for better ergonomics & safety

  • Improved truck utilization for reduced transport costs - 64 engines per truck Vs. 36 in earlier design.

  • Savings in Packaging Cost Vs earlier wooden packaging


  • Packaging & Freight - 87.5%

  • Carbon Footprint - 68.6%

Fuel Pumps

Customer - Commercial Vehicle OEM

  • Parts transported over 1,700 kms.

  • Designed to avoid in transit damages

  • With Returnable packaging 1+1 stacking is done, reducing freight costs

  • Bin cleaning machine used to clean the bins at the end of every trip


  • Packaging & Freight - 38.6%

  • Carbon Footprint - 32.2%

Trolleys for Body Parts

Customer - Tractor OEM

  • Parts transported 40 - 300 kms.

  • Better arrangement and placement of parts for loading and unloading ergonomics.

  • Design for use in high cube containers, better truck utilization for reduced transport costs.

  • Savings in packaging costs, mainly through improved design.


  • Packaging & Freight - 34.1%

  • Carbon Footprint - 36.2%

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