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Wooden pallets & Pallet collars

Wood packaging is used to transport bulky and heavy goods, as they can offer the strength needed.

Wooden Pallet Collars

  • Pine wood pallet collars give flexibility to form boxes with either 1, 2 or 3 collars.

  • The available packing height then is approximately either 200, 400 or 600 mm.

  • These are stackable 1 + 1 while in transport and 1 + 2 while in storage.

  • Quick to assemble without any power tools.

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Pallet Collar


Wooden Pallets

  • IPSCOM uses Pine wood for the wooden pallets.

  • Moisture is kept under 10%

  • Heat treatment : KD HT

  • We ensure smoothness for safety

  • Very low tolerance from standard dimensions

  • We have both 2 way and 4 way entry pallets available in the system

  • Good load bearing strength.

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