Returnable Packaging

Reduce your carbon footprint

We offer a wide range of returnable packaging or reusable packaging solutions for automotive & industrial Tier 1 vendors and OEMs. Our products and services are being used to cut transportation costs, reduce in-transit damages, implement environmentally sustainable packaging solutions, reduce handling of parts.


Returnable Vs. Single Use

On average,

compared to single-use packaging,

reusable containers generate

29% fewer Green House Gas emissions,

39% lower energy consumption, and

95% less solid waste

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Material agnostic with a diverse array of products – metal, plastic & wood.

A wide product range helps meet most packaging requirements. Our diverse product range covers Steel Foldable Metal Containers, Metal Trolleys, Polyboxes, Wooden Pallet Collars, wood/metal Pallets, Plastic Bins, customized Dunnages & fitments.

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Foldable metal container, Customised Trolleys,
Metal pallets


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